Hello friends, family, and supporters of Hank Garvin. Hank's children Ilise and Lee Garvin invite you to join them at 1 p.m. on April 23rd at the NJ Maritime Museum, in Beach Haven, on Long Beach Island, NJ (www.NJMaritimeMuseum.org).

Deb Whitcraft and the rest of the team at the museum have graciously agreed to set up a permanent display to help preserve Captain Hank's diving legacy as well as host the unveiling event for the celebration. We hope you will join us at the museum to celebrate and kick-off the new diving season.

NOTE: Refreshments will be provided - Maureen and Steve Langeven's DVD will be playing (Tribute to Captain Hank Garvin) at his display.

University of Miami Field School page about the R/V Garvin.

Long Island Divers Association tribute to Captain Hank.


















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